Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

Administrative Assistant is very important for a company because it could be say as the backbone of the company and will take care all the important paper for company. And for all of you who has desire who want to become an Administrative Assistant you have to has a great resume that will also increase the chance for the company to hire you. You also know that there are many applicants that also want to that position and because of that writing the good and professional resume is a key to clear up your way to ask to interview. Administrative Assistant has many task to handle. Beside you have to know manage the important paper you also must know how to communicate with client, answering phone, schedule meeting and much more. But you also will be ask to prepare the little thing that will be ask by your senior level such as take a coffee when they are meeting , and more.

Administrative Assistant Resume Sample
Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

When you want to apply as Administrative Assistant you have to know how to write a good resume and we have some tips for all of you who want to write a good resume, But you also can follow the Administrative Assistant resume sample that we will provide for free for all of you. Here is some tips to make a good resume. you have to write all your experience that related to your job, you have to Highlight Your Accomplishments clearly in your resume that will attract to manager to ask you to interview, Do not forget to write all your software skills such as microsoft office or other software that related to your job, you also add your personal touch in your resume so the manager can give the view of yourself.

Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

Marry Ann

555 Ditmars Boulevard. Astoria. New york. 11347. 34583452356


Qualifications Summary:

Has 10 years experience managing administrative support for 3 senior manager . has strong personality to manage project, calendar and events on the company. Also has communication skills with the client to organize and also analyze thinker.

Work Experience:

Amanah Global Inc New York. NY.  2011-2016

Worked with senior manager to handle information technology with major client in Europe, United State and Asia.

Assistant Project Manger. September 2016-  January 2017

Google Technology Inc

  • Assistant project manager on five overlapping product for north and south america distribution
  • Setup , update and condensed launch schedule for marketing manager.
  • Assistant project manager when decided for advertisement video

Administrative Specialist: March 2017- Present

Google Technology Mountain View CA

  • Coordinate the completion of due of diligence compliance of all strategic vendors
  • Schedule of 70 clients for governmental regulatory banking software update
  • Provide the administrative assistant for director of communication with calendar management travel arrangement, file management and phone back up.
  • Input and balanced the quarterly departmental budget reports
  •   Ordered office supplies and managed equipement


Heart Love University

bachelor of art in history

  • Graduated cumlaude
  • Scholarship for 6 months internship

Additional Skills:

  • 8 years of experience operate Microsoft Office suit
  • Fluently 3 languages

Reference: Available In request

There is an example of Administrative Assistant Resume Sample that you can use in your resume for the others resume take please review the image below.